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Designed and manufactured by AB Machinery, AB Plastic Injectors are ergonomic tabletop and floor model plastic injection molding machines designed to inject plastic into metal molds for prototyping, R&D and short production runs.  AB plastic injection machines can inject up to 1/4oz or up to 1/2oz shot sizes with clamp ranges of 2 ton, 2.5 ton and 5 ton. AB plastic injectors are perfect for a variety of uses within the electronics, jewelry and medical device manufacturers and other specialized applications requiring small plastic parts as well as applications in a cleanroom environment.

AB-100 Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

AB-100 Manual

Built to the same exacting standards of all our models, the AB-100 plastic injector offers economy and reliability!
AB-100 Plastic Injector
AB-150 Plastic Injector

AB-150 Hydro-Pneumatic

Offering both a lever operated power clamp, with automatic mold ejector all in an ergonomical design, the AB-150 is more than just a manual plastic injection molding machine!
AB-150 Plastic Injector
AB-200 Plastic Injector

AB-200 Semi Automatic

The AB-200 plastic injection machine offers a fully featured semi automatic machine in a compact tabletop design!
AB-200 Plastic Injector
AB-300 Plastic Injector

AB-300 Workstation

With its ergonomical design set in a "sit down" workstation, the AB-300 semi-automatic plastic injection machine is the ideal choice for higher volume production runs. AB-300 Plastic Injector
AB-400 Plastic Injector

AB-400 Power Packed Workstation

The newest addition to our line of Plastic Injectors, the AB-400 features double volume capacity shot size 1/2oz (14gr), also larger mold 3"x3" and a 5 Ton clamping force. Ask about the many features of our AB-400 plastic injection molding machine.
AB-400 Plastic Injector
Sold worldwide, AB plastic injectors have saved companies time and money. For more information on AB plastic injection machines, contact us today toll-free in the U.S.A. and Canada at 888-901-8888, or at (country code 1) 514-737-1660.
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